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Why Are Concealed Cisterns Better for a Healthy Bathroom?

Style and hygiene can happily coexist, which is where concealed cistern technology such as Geberit’s innovative designs come in.

Toilets with concealed cisterns – where the tank is hidden, usually in a wall or bathroom vanity – still allow access to the cistern via a removable flush plate or access panel, which can easily be popped off then refitted. Concealed cisterns lead the way in terms of hygiene, style and ease of use and upkeep, making them the ideal choice for bathroom redesigns and renovations. And with the Government’s HomeBuilder Grant, which currently offers eligible homeowners $25,000 for new builds or home renovations, now is an ideal time to undertake a bathroom renovation for an elegant and hygienic home.

spinryde gerbit sigma duofix

Geberit Sigma8 DuoFix concealed cistern and Sigma50 white brushed chrome button – a sleek design creating a statement in the bathroom.

A Concealed Cistern is a Hygienic Cistern

Spinryde clean bathroom

Geberit Sigma8 DuoFix concealed cistern and Sigma60 matt black trim – an angular and striking minimalist design.

The importance of good hygiene has been made clear this year across the planet. Most people now value and understand the big effects that seemingly small choices can make in terms of cleanliness.

This is especially true in the home, where good hygiene practices can result in a healthy household. Hygiene extends to all the fixtures and fittings in bathroom design, as well as the overall ‘health’ of the interior itself.

This is where Geberit’s Concealed Cisterns do double duty, being both hygienic to use as well as easy to clean, thanks to their streamlined design. By concealing the cistern, the surface area that can be contaminated in a bathroom is greatly reduced. Hiding the plumbing also eliminates the need to clean around drainage pipes. Geberit’s smart designs make mopping beneath and around the toilet and cleaning the sides of the pan far easier.


Easy-To-Clean Flush Plate

silver flush plates white flush plates metallic flush plates circularcircle flush plates

Did you know that after drains, the average toilet’s flush buttons are the most contaminated places in the home? It’s not surprising. However, innovations in flush plates and concealed cistern technology offer a clean start.

Geberit’s Flush Plates come in electronic, mechanical, and pneumatic versions, so homeowners and designers can select which models will best suit each household’s needs. Touchless flush plates with in-built sensors vastly increase hand hygiene. For a clean slate, look to products such as Geberit’s newly released Tone-in-Tone Flush Buttons, which feature matte-finish buttons with fingerprint-resistant coating.

Ease of cleaning is critical in maintaining a healthy bathroom. By positioning a toilet’s flush button flat on the wall it avoids the grime, dust, and unhygienic residue that can build up on other flat-mounted flush buttons.

Big Bonuses for Small Spaces

Gerbit Sigma Bathroom

Geberit Sigma8 DuoFix concealed cistern and Sigma30 Tone-in-Tone matt white with white trim – a timeless design with a contemporary finish

It’s no secret that many contemporary bathrooms are getting smaller, especially in apartments located in high-density urban areas. According to research by HIA, the average size of a one-bedroom apartment in Australia is now just 44 square metres (down from 55 square metres two years ago), while the average two-bedroom apartment is now 59 square metres (reduced from 70 square metres).

Because of this, every centimetre matters when presented with the challenge of fitting a lot into a limited floor plan. One of the greatest benefits of concealed cisterns is their space-saving quality.

While exposed cisterns consume space by positioning both the pan and the cistern inside a bathroom’s floor plan, concealed cisterns save space by locating the cistern outside the envelope of a bathroom. Geberit’s range of concealed cisterns features in-wall designs (where the cistern is hidden inside a wall) and in-duct designs (where it’s concealed inside a vanity, under a vanity top, behind a wall or even in a ceiling cavity).


Hassle-Free Installation and Maintenance

Long-term maintenance and upkeep is not often considered when selecting bathroom fixtures and fittings, though it’s not a point that should be overlooked. Both Geberit’s Concealed Cisterns and Flush Plates are a cinch to install – a much sought-after benefit for retailers and builders – and the brand offers technical and project support to architects and designers.

These sustainable and innovative products are also straightforward to maintain and, thanks to the easily removable access panel, the designs offer long-term reassurance, which is important for homeowners should the need for future maintenance arise.

A brand only becomes synonymous with quality and durability for good reason. All Geberit cisterns boast a three- or four-star WELS rating, an extended 15-year warranty and a 25-year supply guarantee for spare parts availability. The company’s Swiss-designed, German-made products and more than 150 years of experience have positioned Geberit as a leader in the field.


Style Does Matter

Geberit Concealed Cisterns

We all know that form must follow function, but in the case of Geberit’s Concealed Cisterns and Tone-in-Tone Flush Button designs, both abound in equal measures. Style is a non-negotiable for most architects and designers, as well as experienced renovators, who are well-versed in the aesthetics of the contemporary design.

No-one has ever missed the sight of an exposed toilet cistern, so it makes sense to hide it away and enjoy the added advantage of gaining valuable space. Likewise, the ability to choose and match finishes and materials is important for a stylish bathroom.

Geberit’s Tone-in-Tone Flush Button collection offers a range of colours and finishes that can either make a statement as a standalone feature or blend in with the design aesthetic. They can also be coordinated to new or existing bathroom tapware and fittings. The range features a design trim in an offset finish for a touch of class and offers a nod to contemporary design trends for monochromatic palettes with bold colour statements.

To find out more about new innovations in concealed cistern technology and flush plates, visit Geberit’s website.

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