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Tips for a Dream Kitchen

They’ve been referred to as the heart of the home and it’s not hard to see why. Design a kitchen that suits you, your family and friends, and you’re likely to spend countless happy hours in this one space.

Yes, there will be cooking, but also bonding, and growing and well, good old-fashioned living. But this will only happen if your kitchen is aesthetically pleasing to you and deeply functional too. The bottom line-it needs to look good and work perfectly.

How to design your Dream Kitchen effectively?

To make that happen, of course, you’ll need to choose the colours, materials and finishes you love. But before you even do that, you’ll need to decide how you want to use your kitchen.

That’s right. You need to lock in your kitchen’s specific purpose. Once you do that you see, you can consider which appliances you need. Sure, it might seem a little cart before the horse, shall we say, but those in the business of creating kitchens say this is the number one mistake kitchen renovators make and it can be a costly one at that. “Our number one tip is to pick your appliances first,” says Gerri Gillespie, cooking and kitchenware buyer for The Good Guys. “By doing so you’re able to build your cabinetry around your dream appliances, saving you valuable time and money in the long run because your power outlets will be positioned correctly, and you will cleverly avoid costly cabinet recuts,” she says, adding that her next tip is to decide whether you want a built-in oven or freestanding version first and foremost.

Her personal favourite – the Smeg 90cm freestanding cooker. “It’s a real statement piece.” she says.

Managing director of Smeg Australia, Wayne Cambell agrees wholeheartedly. He suggests you make the process of choosing appliances easier by considering the following, your cooking style, your personal style, whether you entertain and most importantly, your life stage. Do you have small children or teenagers at home or is it just you and your friends?

Your answers will directly impact which oven you opt for and your dishwasher too. It may mean you consider extra specialised appliances too, adds Wayne. “A built-in or under bench wine cellar is the perfect addition for anyone who appreciates wine,” he says they provide a specifically tailored environment to keep the wine in optimum condition for storage and, of course, enjoyment.”

Tommy Zhao, product and design manager, at Kitchennet, agrees with both Gerri and Wayne that appliances are of the utmost importance. He suggests that once you mull over how you see your kitchen functioning you talk to a kitchen expert. “Whether renovating or updating spaces in your home, there are so many decisions you need to make and get right,” says Tommy, adding that professionals in the field are here to help and always happy to do so.

One last topic everyone wants to discuss; what’s on trend when it comes to kitchens currently. Interestingly, enough black and shades of black are everywhere from countertops cabinetry and, of course, appliances. If floor-to-ceiling black is too dramatic for you consider an appliance or two or a highlight piece such as a wall panel and remember no matter the current fashion, you need to renovate with your own style in mind.

“Trends come and go,” says Tommy. “This is your home where you want to feel comfortable and enjoy the space you’re in.”

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