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Shipping Container Homes

As the economy struggles, families and individuals are now finding it’s harder to purchase a home or block of land for a fair cost. Even choosing to expand their current living situation has also come under fire as not being affordable.

However, a minimalistic trend is shaking up affordable housing.

Shipping container homes are the latest movement in unique modern architecture, all while at a price that families and new homeowners can afford. These homes provide a unique space that could just be what you’re looking for!

Homeowners, designers and architectures pick this style for its strength, durability, and modular benefits. However, even though it’s an innovate home design, renovating them can be no minor task.

Why choose a shipping container home?

There are pros and cons of a shipping container home, and these will depend on whether you contemplate purchasing from an existing designer, or create your own personalised home with a local builder.

This all depends on your lifestyle needs and whether you require something affordable, or go the extra mile and have it customised to your specifics.

The advances of a container include their capability to be extendable to meet your living needs, and they’re supposedly earthquake proof!

A shipping container home involves more than your standard builders, you’ll require the help of a few specialists including an engineer and architect. By not working with professionals who are experienced in this style of home could cost you a lot more time and money.

How much will it come to?

A shipping container alone is anywhere from $3,500 upwards. From there you will still need to look at the costs of the design, installing foundations, insulations costs, hiring specialists and more. By working with a builder, the base cost could be at $100k+.

If you’d like to further accommodate friends and family members, an expansion or modification might be the right solution for you. See how homeowners across Sydney have created a new space for their loved ones through these Internal Renovations.

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