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Renovate vs Buying

If you’re thinking about whether you should renovate or move you will want to consider these points.

Buying an established home

  • Can you afford to buy where you want to buy?
  • Have you considered the school catchment areas, commute-to-work time, and access to cafes, shops and restaurants?
  • You know a lot about where you live now, but what about the area you’re thinking of moving to?

Pros to buying

  1. Buying an established home usually means you don’t have to wait for work to be completed before you move in.
  2. Buying an established home is usually considered an investment for a longer term return, especially if all the work has already been done on the home you buy.

Stay and Renovate

People who decide to stay put and renovate do so because one, or more of the following:

  • They want to stay in a location they love, with schools, friends and their favourite shops, parks and restaurants on the doorstep.
  • They want the feel of a new house, but without the upheaval of moving.
  • They love the character/size/style of their existing home, but the layout’s just not working for them anymore.
  • They would love a custom design.
  • They love their home, and with a few changes they would love it even more.
  • They want to increase the value of their home as an investment for the future.

Pros to renovating

  1. You get to choose the style, materials, products, fixtures and fittings you want. It’s like building a new home, but without having to start from scratch
  2. You can make your home bigger by adding a ground-floor extension or a second storey addition. Some people decide to do both.
  3. You don’t have to add space. A renovation project can make the layout of your home more functional, and bring key areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms, living room and outdoor entertaining area bang up to date.
  4. A company that specialises in home improvement projects will help you achieve a seamless flow from the old to the new. They’ll work with you to design a project that meets your needs and your lifestyle, while being sympathetic to your existing home and guiding you every step of the way.
  5. Character homes can be extended and renovated so that you end up with a beautiful mix of the classic and the contemporary, or you can go classic all the way.
  6. Important features can be retained, along with the memories you’ve already created in your home

Spinryde specialises in renovating. They have done it for years. Pick up the phone 1300 SPINRYDE and talk to John today about the possibility of renovating your home or go to to look at some of our work.


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