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Cantilevered Balcony – Hunters Hill

Located in the leafy suburb of Hunters Hill this North facing cantilevered timber balcony has seen better days as can be seen by the rotted timber in the images.

The client did not want to replace it with anything that required future maintenance, so go ahead and see what we recommended!

Spinryde decided to go with Modwood decking over Stratco Pro-Beam floor framing attached to a cantilevered galvanised PFC (Parrallel Flange Channel) steel beam anchored to the existing 1st floor structure.

cantilevered balcony front v2
cantilevered balcony front
cantilevered balcony side vuew
cantilevered balcony side view v2
cantilevered balcony under neath side view
cantilevered balcony underneath side view v2
cantilevered balcony side view v3
cantilevered balcony rotten wood v2
cantilevered balcony rotten wood v1

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