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Planning a Reno? Read This First

4 key things to do before embarking on a renovation project

If you’re planning on improving your family home by extending or renovating, then you’re likely to be in the midst of tear sheets, samples and floor plans. However, before you become overwhelmed with the seemingly endless decisions that have to be made, take some time to consider the basic preparations required before embarking on your home project, big or small.
Read on and arm yourself with this invaluable information that will ensure your project is a success from the start.

1.Gather Inspiration

For any passionate homeowner and keen renovator, gathering inspiration from interior magazines and online design sites, such asHouzz, is probably a regular pastime, but now it’s time to hone your ideas.
Keep an eye out for similar projects and renovations, and make a note of clever solutions for awkward spaces, storage ideas and budget-saving tips. Reading about other renovations can help you to visualise what you can achieve in your own home, as well as providing some idea of how far your budget will stretch.

2. Do Your Research

Before having any renovation layouts drawn up or committing to any plans, you should approach your local authority and discuss regulations.
If your home is in a conservation area or it’s listed, there will be limitations on what you can and can’t do to your property, while some renovations may fall within permitted development and won’t need to abide to such stringent planning rules.
Undoubtedly, the answers to these important questions will affect the timing and cost of your project. And, even if you don’t need planning permission, you’ll most likely have to comply with building regulations and obtain a party wall agreement.

3. Learn from the professionals.

The planning process can be a minefield, so seeking the help of Spinryde Home Renovations to guide you through will take away any stress. Take advantage of Spinryde’s Home Renovations for one-to-one consultations and sharing their practical advice and extremely valuable tips.

If you can, take a look at our previous projects, check out our client reviews, and then ask us for an estimate.

4. Have a Clear Brief

It’s worth spending some time considering how you live, your wish list for the new space and how it will improve your family’s life. That way, the finished design will be guaranteed to meet all your needs. If starting a project from scratch, consider future-proofing the design, too, with the latest technologies and sustainable aspects, so that the space can grow and adapt with your family.
Having a clear idea from the very start of what you want to achieve on your budget will ensure everyone involved in the project, including architects and builders, are on the same page. Don’t be tempted to cut corners either, to save time or money, stay focused on the final goal – your dream home.

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