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Here are the major considerations to tick off before you embark on the construction of a new patio.

    • You usually find the patio adjoining the living area.  However, it is not always sensible to have it adjoining the home. In some houses the outdoor dining area is adjacent to the west wall of the house on the exposed side.  This means that there is no protection from the elements and you are not able to enjoy sitting outside on any day when there is a strong breeze.  In the height of summer, the lack of shelter can turn a patio into an oven.
    • Think about the perfect site for your patio. If the perfect site is a trek away from the kitchen, there’s a good chance that you simply won’t go there as often as you thought you would.  Consider the access – you are going to need to be able to reach it effortlessly with a tray of glasses or some coffee mugs.  If you are a super-entertainer, making it easy to reach from indoors will be paramount.
    • Having earmarked a good position, the next thing on the list is the outline – what shape and size will it be?  Start with a list of what you are going to use it for, and what furniture will be on it, and then design around that.  Garden furniture websites usually have details of what dimensions suit a certain set.  As a rule, circular sets work well on square plots, oval and rectangular may be better on a longer thinner site, and trendy corner sets are designed for the obvious.   Will it be a mere table and chairs, or lounge set; will you need to incorporate a barbecue or some other appliance?
    • You also need to think about what materials you will use for this garden structure.  The sharp edges or corners of patio can be softened with low walls or curved stone paving, or clever planting.  The trick here is to reference the style of the overall garden if you want a harmonious result.   A few planters will help marry this formal area into the larger landscape.  This is the time to consider how the patio will be lit.  The options for outdoor lighting are endless but ignore this vital element at your peril.
    • And the boring bit.  Whenever you considering hard standing – whatever material you use, you must consider how the surface will drain.  An effective drainage system will prevent build-up of algae. If you need plumbing advice for outdoor taps etc always use a Licensed Plumber.

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