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Our Top 5 Measures to Ease the Disruption

Considering a renovation? We know it’s a big decision and with
Spinryde Home Renovations, we promise it’s worth it.

You might be surprised just how ‘normal’ your life can be during a renovation.

If you love the idea of renovating, but hate the thought of living ‘on a building site’ then read on. We have the solutions you need.

All too often the words ‘renovation’ and ‘mess’ crop up in the same sentence but it doesn’t need to be that way. With NSW homeowners spending more than ever on renovation projects, there’s no need to shy away from a renovation just because you’ve heard horror stories about chaos, dust and tradies cutting off your water supply while you are in the shower.

In many cases, life can go on pretty well as normal.

Many of our clients live in their home while it’s being renovated thanks to our range of highly effective measures to ease disruption.

Yes, there will probably be machinery noise while our trades build fabulous new spaces for you, but it’s just the sound of your home being transformed. Not only is this exciting, but you can also take comfort in the fact that we’ll have lots of solutions to help ease you through it.

Keen to know more about some of the steps we can take to help keep you, your house, your kids, your pets and even your garden relatively mess-free?

Here are our Top 5 disruption-reduction measures:

  1. Property protection: We’ll cover your existing floors to stop dust, soiling and scratching, and we’ll protect driveways and paving.
  2. Separation: Timber-framed stud walls will block off the construction area from your existing home where possible.
  3. Key-lock door handles: These are added to your existing doors to isolate parts of your home as required for added peace of mind.
  4. Temporary pet and pool fencing: High fencing and lockable gates ensure your little ones and your furry friends are all kept safe.
  5. Hallways and walkways: We can build protected hallways or walkways for privacy and protection if required.


Remember, as well as keeping things as mess-free as possible, our policy is to also keep you as stress-free as possible while we renovate your home. That means:

  • All our tradespeople work to a strict no-smoking, no loud-music, no pet policy. They will treat you and your property respectfully.
  • All our tradespeople are required to clean up after each day. There’ll be a site bin available at all times for construction waste.
  • Work is carried out only between 7am and 4pm on weekdays, and not at all on weekends unless we have prior permission.
  • No need to battle with construction vehicles just to park near your front door. You’ll have your own designated parking space.
  • Keeping your neighbours happy is important to us, so we’ll notify surrounding properties – before commencement of works – to let them know we’ll be working at your place.

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