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Multi Generational Living

Families are now starting to live all together. From children who want to stay at home longer to grandparents now moving in – families are now transitioning to all being under the one roof.

Grandparents taking care of grandkids, young adults saving up for their first home deposit… it doesn’t seem to be the idealistic situation. However, multi generational living is on the rise. There are challenges to face and set demands on space and living situations, but our helpful blog will give you the best advice to set your home up for success

Prioritize Your Spaces

Each generation wants different things at certain times, so it’s important that the layout of your home suits everyone’s needs. A great example is whether you want to share spaces for cooking, eating, and watching TV together, or making it separate rooms where everyone can do their own thing? Open plan living is a trend that’s been on the rise for a while; however, with multi-generational living it can make or break families. Certain family member’s may prefer having their own designated space rather than sharing with siblings or grandparents.

If you want an open-layout, make sure it’s zoned with furniture, such as open bookcases, and lighting, to create separate areas for different tasks. Using furniture as a separator means that there is a balance between intimate and communal areas.

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Accessible For Everyone

It’s worth spending the extra time and money to ensure that your home is accessible to the older generation. Items to consider are installing lifts, tailored entrances or creating a larger circulation space for wheelchair users.

For outdoor areas, ideally you want to make it suitable for young and old. Are the steps easy to navigate or do they require a handrail?

A great addition to your outdoor area is a kitchen. It will make the warmer months a little easier with the use of an indoor and outdoor kitchen, allowing more space for everyone to create meals.

Bathroom Renovations

A Design To Suit All

Building spaces that last is the key for a multi-generational home. Think of bathrooms that may require multiple sinks for morning and bedroom routines, and power points at the right height for everyone to charge their toothbrushes or use hairdryers at the same time.

Easy-access baths, walk-in showers, and simple to use tapware and furniture are ideal for elderly relatives, while plenty of storage will ensure the bathroom stays calm and free of clutter. Assign a cabinet to each person or create shelf/storage basket so it keeps each member’s toiletries in the one spot.

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Get Everyone Involved

Ask each family member to help with choosing the finishing touches, materials and the look of your shared home. This helps make sure it meets all specific needs, and that you’re all on the same wavelength. Take the opportunity as well to discuss if there are any concerns that need to be looked at before settling into your new home.

If you need help to make your home accessible for all generations, get in touch with Spinryde today!

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