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Alfresco Kitchens

An alfresco kitchen is a fantastic addition to your home for many reasons. Cooking food outside allows you to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy your surroundings, it enables you to mingle with your guests while preparing meals, it keeps all the usual kitchen mess outside and it can even add to the value of your home!

So, how do you achieve your ideal alfresco kitchen?

If you already have a BBQ area or a deck area where you like to entertain but do not a have a covered roof area, then why not build a Stratco Pergola.

There are many types to choose from with the budget model Outback (uninsulated)  up to the Rolls Royce model Pavilion (insulated)

Spinryde Home Renovations can organise a complete supply and installation including council approval (if required), electrical and plumbing connections.

Many houses already have a BBQ but very few houses have a proper outdoor kitchen. With proper outdoor kitchen facilities, your alfresco cooking experience is easier and much more enjoyable.

For a complete outdoor kitchen, you’ll need your BBQ, or induction plates, to cook your food, a bench top to prepare your meals, a sink to wash your veggies, hands and dishes, and maybe even a bar fridge to store perishable goods and beverages. Under the bench cupboards serve as a perfect addition for storing outdoor cutlery and crockery and as an added feature, create a small herb and veggie patch next to your kitchen so you can use home-grown fresh produce in your meals.

Often, what can hold home owners back from building their ideal alfresco kitchen space is the cost of installing a sink. Traditional plumbing requires pipes from the sink to connect to underground sewerage lines, which can quite frequently mean major work and disruption in your garden. Thankfully, there is alternate solution. Instead of embarking on the messy mission of traditional plumbing, consider using a product by Saniflo, such as the Sanivite. This small grey water pump easily connects to your alfresco sink and has the ability to pump waste water 50m horizontally or 5m vertically back to the sewerage mains, opening up the possible locations for your alfresco kitchen.

Once your alfresco kitchen is installed, you can easily prepare and cook your meals as well as even clean the dishes outside, so there’s no need to miss out on socialising with your guests.

To complement your alfresco kitchen, why not create a relaxing outdoor lounge and dining area? You can find a multitude of options at

This way, you’ll have somewhere outside to enjoy your beautiful alfresco meal once it’s prepared and your guests will have someone to mingle whilst you cook.

If your desired alfresco kitchen space is quite close to the house and your indoor dining room, creating an outdoor lounge area. With a few low chairs and a coffee table, you can easily create a relaxing, alfresco lounge. If your alfresco kitchen is further from the existing home, or if you simply would love an alfresco dining area as well, install some weather resistant chairs and a dining table and you’re ready to entertain!

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