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8 things to think about when choosing a builder for your renovations

So you are thinking to renovate your home and you want to save money?
Choose a renovation builder rather than just any builder or doing it yourself.
Don’t end up like those TV shows that reinforce the pitfalls of DIY and trying to ‘save money’ can sometimes only end in spending twice your budget.

Professional Builder

Is the builder professional, credible and a hundred percent trustworthy? The Builder you choose needs to respect your family, your privacy, your daily movements and your home renovation needs.

Plan your Design

It can sometimes be hard for a homeowner to articulate what they’re looking for in a renovation. Your Concept Plan is the most important stage of the home renovation process because it matches your dream with your budget. Spinryde can organise all the drawings so you can visualise the final product and imagine yourself living in it.

Think about the future

Are you renovating to resell or grow old comfortably? If the plan is to sell up in six months, spending an extra $20,000 on luxurious fittings might not be worth it.

Get a quote

Avoid surprise bills and blown-out budgets by clarifying an estimate versus a quote. Spinryde provides you with a quote.

Establish a schedule

Make sure your timeframe expectations align with your Builder to minimise confusion and disputes. A thorough plan before work starts should outline the expected timeframe alongside your vision and budget.

Are they insured

Spinryde has all the necessary insurance and warranties in place to you don’t have to worry about anything.

What about legislation

Spinryde is a professional home renovation builder and we have a deep understanding of all the ins and outs, including legislation, regulations and building codes, that 95% of homeowners just don’t have.

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