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7 Tips on a successful bathroom renovate

The bathroom is no longer driven by purely practical needs, many people are renovating their bathrooms with relaxation and pampering in mind.

In addition to the simple bathroom renovation, we’re also planning more extra bathrooms and en-suites. Whatever your reason, installing a new bathroom is a serious undertaking and can be deceptively tricky. It requires quite an array of fittings and technical skill. SpinRyde has renovated many bathrooms across Sydney and can help you every step of the way. We have put together 7 simple tips for you to think about when it is time to renovate your bathroom.

1. Assess your needs

Begin by working out your key priorities. Do you need a new family bathroom or an en-suite or guest bathroom?

What sort of space do you hope to achieve? Are you seeking a haven to escape to, or are you more after a functional modern bathroom? This will affect the fixtures, fittings and colour scheme you choose.

2. Planning a bathroom layout

Don’t change a layout just for the sake of it. If it works well for you, keep it. It’s a much cheaper option, too, as moving plumbing can be expensive.

If your layout isn’t quite right, think about the ways you might be able to make small but effective changes.

3. Be realistic about your space

There’s no point pining for his-and-her sinks, a statement walk-in shower or a double-ended roll top if they won’t fit.

Don’t cram in fittings as this will only make the room feel smaller.

4. Remember, ventilation is important

Ventilation is so important in a bathroom with furniture, as condensation can damage wood. An open window alone is not enough.

You certainly don’t want the bathroom to become damp, especially an en-suite placed so close to the bedroom, which is why extraction needs to be considered.

5. Factor in storage

Storage is the key to a successful bathroom. A substantial vanity with space for extra towels should be considered.

6. Tiles are the easiest way to follow trends

Think about your room proportions before choosing your tiles. Very decorative designs can be too busy for a small space, whereas they could be an ideal way to add interest and warmth to a large bathroom.

7. Finalise a budget

Deciding on a budget in advance means you can prioritise where to spend and where to save.

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