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5 ways to add value through a strata property bathroom renovation

A well-planned strata property bathroom renovation can turn even the smallest spaces into a work of art if you think outside the box. What’s more, it can also increase your property’s value.

If you live in an older building and your bathroom hasn’t been refreshed in over 15 years, it may be time for you to plan a strata property bathroom renovation.

A strata property bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to think outside the box, get creative and find ways to increase your bathroom’s comfort factor. You may find your reno increases your property’s value too.

While many strata property owners may only update their tiles, fittings and fixtures during a renovation, it’s wise to take an extra step to make further improvements too. Perhaps your bathroom’s layout could be upgraded to improve its traffic flow. Maybe the corner with the washing machine could be transformed into a stylish yet compact European laundry. You could even completely reinvent the space by picking a design style that better suits your home or adding spa-like elements to create a relaxing ambience.

Before finalising your plans and beginning renovation works, it’s critical first to follow all necessary processes. Similar to kitchen renovations, your project may be considered a minor or major renovation. If so, you will likely need to complete a renovation application. After this, your owners corporation will likely need to approve the renovation works with a special resolution at a general meeting.

You may also need to prepare a by-law or building rule and have it passed before commencing your renovations. If so, you should approach a strata by-laws and building rules specialist such as Kemps Petersons Legal to ensure the new by-laws or building rules are watertight. The by-laws or building rules will likely cover the following:

  • The days and time periods during which the renovation works can be conducted
  • The level of responsibility the lot owner has in covering damage to common property or other lots.

Importantly, your renovation team must apply adequate waterproofing during the renovation. Sub-optimal waterproofing may lead to water damage to your property and neighbouring properties too.

Are you looking to renovate your strata property’s bathroom? Here are five improvements to consider, which will likely modernise your bathroom and add value to your strata property too:

  1. Pick a design theme and stick to it
  2. Improve your ventilation
  3. Install underfloor heating
  4. Add some heated towel racks
  5. Consider a smart shower or smart bath

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